Stafftopia, a veteran recruiting partner to the country's most innovative technology companies for the past 16 years, is currently filling urgent and critical positions within digital & social media, gaming, mobile & cloud computing, and data & web analytics. 

Through the careful integration of our proven methodologies with new technologies and social networking tools,  we have created one of the best talent networks in the industry today.

Leveraging an experienced and well-networked project team while
employing an internal recruitment model for out clients, we provide a
seamless and highly-effective approach to the recruitment process.

Our Focus is:
  • Digital & Social Media
  • Data & Web Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Computing
  • Gaming
  • Emerging Technologies

We came up with the name ‘stafftopia’ when we launched our virtual engineering / project team platform at the beginning of 2000.  Our philosophy at the time was to even the compensation playing field for intellectual capital by eliminating the geographic borders that determined the exceptionally low high tech incomes in Asia & Eastern Europe.  Get the income into places that needed it the most, like Belarus and India and the intellectual capital into the US, where it was in very high demand at the time…thereby creating a “staffing utopia”.

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