Client Testimonials

“Sometimes it's the little things that make a difference and Lisa is the type of professional who pays attention to these details and goes the ever so little extra distance that so many people overlook or purposefully betray, thinking that it won't matter. I have no reservations recommending Lisa as an expert in her field, and I thank her for the great assistance she was to me.
Kevin Comer, MPV Inc"

"I've hired a number of excellent engineers from Douglas and Stafftopia with excellent results. Arm Douglas with a good description of your needs and have expectations of great results.
Michael McEvoy, VP of Engineering

"Jeff, I am really impressed with your reference checking. It's as thorough as I have seen done by retained firms. Thanks, Bonnie." 

"I found my experience with Stafftopia, and Douglas especially to be an extremely efficient and quick method for finding the ideal candidates to fit my positions. Bob Cook, Vice President of Customer Services" 
"We have had great success with Stafftopia! They are an integral part of our Sales hiring by providing a steady flow of qualified candidates who are already sold on our company. The team at Stafftopia has made my life a lot easier! Shannon Kennedy

"Working with Stafftopia has been a great experience. Stafftopia has demonstrated that they have the infrastructure and contacts in place to really help us streamline our technical sales recruiting process. The Stafftopia recruiters continually refined their search based on learning about our software market, position requirements, and company culture to narrow-down a list of the best fitting candidates. Once we reviewed resumes, Stafftopia helped us arrange meeting logistics for phone screening and finally in-person interviews. They were a strategic partner throughout the hiring process.
Dave Cox, VP of Sales" 

"I just want to send some kudos out to Stafftopia and specifically to a few members of your staff. I started working with Stafftopia back in the Futurelink days, prior to the merger with I think it was sometime around May '00 when I first began working with John Tucker. During the 9 months or so that I have been working with John, Laurie Horseman and others at your company I have been very pleased with the results. Primarily my dealings have been with John. Of the 3 dozen or so contingency-based recruiting companies that I work with, he has been responsible for moving Stafftopia to the top of the charts.  Specifically, I have appreciated his professionalism, the time he takes to qualify viable candidates and speak to them about iPrint prior to submitting them, his timely follow through, sincerity and overall excellent service he has provided as our contact person with your company. The few times John has not been available (sick, vacation, out of the office, etc.), Laurie has stepped in and helped facilitate the recruitment process without missing a beat. There are a few others who I've also dealt with on occasion (unfortunately, I don't normally work with them, so their names fail me) and each one has always been informative, professional and willing to respond to whatever my needs were at the time, if John or Laurie weren't available. I would just like to give a big "THANK YOU" to Stafftopia. Keep up the good Work; it's appreciated. If the efforts of these few people I have worked with thus far is any indication of the overall quality of your company, than I truly believe you have something to be proud of and will continue to be one of my preferred sources when it comes to hiring needs. Please pass my thanks onto your staff for a job well done. I look forward to working with you. Pete Bugnatto, iPrint, Inc."

"Kristie, Jeff Rust is the Director of Recruiting at Stafftopia. Stafftopia has a pretty strong reputation for placing Sales & Marketing professionals in the Silicon Valley. I have worked with Jeff in the past, and he delivers. Jeff is reliable, aggressive, and always makes things happen. Jeff is the best recruiter I have ever worked with, and trust me, I have worked with quite a few over the years. I often tease/invite Jeff, to join my teams in the Silicon Valley, but that would take him away from the sweet smell of Idaho Potatoes.
Jeff Anderson

"Over the years, Stafftopia has been our number one choice for rapidly sourcing the right candidates to fill many key positions. I consider Stafftopia more a part of our management team instead of being an outside contractor" Glen D. Vondrick, President and CEO, FaceTime Communications” 

"TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: It is my pleasure to again say working with Stafftopia and Kevin Bowen has been a very successful and pleasant experience. Mr. Bowen again bent over backwards to assist not only in finding a candidate but in sharing with me some of the numerous details that came to the plate with this particular placement He did not simply provide a name and then leave us to deal with some problems on our own. He made calls to the licensing agency, made clarification calls back and forth with the candidate, and in general was just plain there through some frustrating days. This is our second experience with Stafftopia. Obviously the first experience was a good one or we would not have used your firm again. Both placements are the result of careful screening to be sure the candidate/seeker match was a good one. That is possible only because you took the time to truly understand our site. I can say with little doubt that should I find myself in need of a placement search again, I will not hesitate to use Stafftopia again. Thank you for your interest in our facility and our success. Sincerely yours.
Marla Shelby, CEO

"KC at Stafftopia has been excellent in finding qualified professionals for difficult to fill positions. KC Identifies your needs, finds suitable candidates, and does a great job of facilitating the interview/hiring process. We will not hesitate to use Stafftopia in the future for our Staffing needs.
Lisa Burch, Director

"I use Stafftopia for all our recruiting needs. Their staff is easy to work with and present qualified and interested candidates. I really enjoy working with them.
Paulette Alford

"Dear Kevin, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and Stafftopia for your undaunted efforts in assisting, Inc. with filling their most difficult technical, as well as marketing, sales, and operational positions. The working relationship we developed was effortless and enjoyable. Month after month, you continued to provide us with pre-qualified, highly skilled candidates that met the majority of our requirements specified. had an incredibly high technical bar, and you were able to consistently identify and supply us with candidates that met or surpassed that bar. As you know, it is imperative that while growing from the ground up, a new company needs to hire only the brightest and skilled individuals, while cultivating and retaining the unique culture of the organization. Not only did you understand the technical requirement, but you also understood's culture, and could easily determine whether or not a candidate would thrive in our environment. I will continue to highly recommend you to any hiring manager at any company, and certainly hope to work together with you and Stafftopia again in the future.
Valerie Nemeth,"

"Dear Ms. Wood, I am very pleased to say that your company recently found and facilitated a hire for one of our locations. This was no easy task as this clinic is located in an incredibly small and somewhat isolated community. It was necessary to find just the right person to fit not only the level of comfort with an isolated location but also one for whom the "small town USA lifestyle" would be a fit. I worked with both David Miller and Kevin Bowen in this process and found both gentlemen to be most helpful. In the end it was Mr. Bowen who concluded the search and handled all the signing details. Both Mr. Miller and Mr. Bowen spent a fair amount of time on the phone with me to get a solid understanding of our organization, the specific position, and the lifestyle of the area. I was impressed that Mr. Bowen continued to pursue not just a "warm body" for our location but the right person for our location. The measure of success in recruitment from my perspective is not just to fill the position (and ultimately refill and refill the position) but to find a good match from the start. I think the fact that your gentlemen were so thorough in understanding our position makes it far more likely that we have found a long term solution. Probably the most significant comment I can make about your organization and this search is that I have signed a contract with Stafftopia to start yet another search for us. This, like the search for our rural location, will be challenging but with Mr. Bowen's understanding of our organization, I am confident he will be as successful with this search as with the last.
Sincerely yours, Marla Shelby, CEO

"I just wanted to express how grateful I am to have Kevin Bowen as my recruiter. He has done a wonderful job in assisting us with our job search. He is a delight to work with and I recommend him to everyone! He has taken the time to really get to know our company and understand our hiring needs! Thank you Kevin!
Denise Beeman” 

Candidate Testimonials

"Lisa, I think you already got an e-mail from me by mistake, but I just wanted to let you know what a great job K.C. and Jon did for me. I was more than a little nervous about the whole job search, interviews, etc. They both really helped me through the whole process. They were very honest and offered advice and support and took care of all the details. They are both a great assets to your company.” 

"Kevin, you're a star. I have talked with many recruiters in the past year, but you stand alone. You have made the process of finding a new position painless, effortless and enjoyable. I hardly had to lift a finger in getting this great position that you found for me. One of the best things you did for me was assembling an awesome employment package including many things that I wouldn't have even thought to ask for. I couldn't ask for more. It has really been a pleasure working with you. And, I think I owe you a steak dinner. Come on down and see me soon. Thank you very much.
Sincerely, Jan Fuller

"Hi Anna, Just wanted to send another Thank You for all the work you've done. So far I am very pleased with the outcome of this process, it's really the first time I've ever used a recruiter, and will definitely use you in the future if you're still there down the line if and when I look for a new job. I will definitely recommend you and Stafftopia if someone I know is looking for a job.
Thanks Again, Andrew Jones"

" Larry, Thank you for spending the many months to assist me in finding a new opportunity in the network security industry. With our combined optimistic outlook in getting this goal accomplished, I am very pleased and excited about my new employment. I believe that I will be a very valuable asset the the new company, and I believe the company will have great benefits for myself as well. Again, thank you for all your hard work, and I still want to keep in touch, because you never know what the future holds.
Respectfully, Mike Larmie

"I've worked with a number of recruiters over the years, and quite frankly was at a point where I had little faith in their ability to do anything for me in terms of advancing my career. I know that its a brutal hiring market, and that the staffing industry is extremely competitive, but without any interest in the individual, most recruiters are simply playing a numbers game. This is unfortunate, because a good hire is much more than matching Skill A with Need B. Recently, I acquired a Systems Engineer position with the help of Larry Miller. It was without question the most satisfying recruiting experience I have had to date. Larry drove the process diligently, and made sure that I never felt like I was just a 'number' throughout the process. He coached me in all the right areas, put me at ease when I started to stress about interviews, and in the end, positioned me perfectly for what turned out to be a fantastic fit for me. At all times, Larry was extremely courteous, professional, and in the end, VERY effective. Highly recommended!!!"

"Jeff, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done. You showed us a genuine interest in our family by communicating with us all the time and getting the answers that we needed. There were even some times when we didn't think this job opportunity would work and you gave us the assurance that it would work. I hope that we can meet you in person one day. For all I know we truly consider you a friend."

"Thank you for all your efforts giving me the opportunity to interview and obtain employment. I wanted to follow-up to let you know how much I appreciated and enjoyed working with you. You were on top of this opportunity from day one and gave me valuable information to help me in the interview process. Every experience dealing with Stafftopia including working with you Larry and the rest of the staff, I've felt as thought I was the number one priority and I don't feel you can give a higher complement. I hope that you know that when I talk with friends or colleagues regarding job search, I only recommend you."

"Larry - You are the best!!! Thanks. . .and congratulations on your baby boy! [Work] is working out fabulously. . .the company is in growth mode and doing really well. And I'm so glad to hear that Jeff started his new position. . ...he had left me a message recently sounding very excited and grateful for all your/Todd's work in his behalf. Jeff is one of my husband's very best friends. . .was in our wedding, etc. so it means alot to me that you took good care of him. Your team proves over and over again that you can be trusted to get it done, so I will always be an advocate for Stafftopia. :) I'll put my friend in touch with you soon. Thanks again."

"Jeff, I want to formally thank you for all of your assistance and diligent follow-up during the rather prolonged negotiations for my position here in Fort Lauderdale. You were an essential part in making all of the pieces fall into place for what I know will be a very rewarding opportunity for me. Best wishes always. Stop by when you're in the area! David W. Lyter

"Dear Larry, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your hard work and diligence with respect to my placement at Theorem as Director of Business Development. Your attention to detail and excellent follow up skills were key factors in securing this position for me. I have dealt with many recruiters over the years and a high percentage of them care little about the potential job candidate in general. The main objective always appears to be commission on the job placement, and not whether the job is a good fit or satisfaction of the candidate. It was clear from the start and obvious in the end that you had my ideas, concerns, wants and needs all in consideration throughout the entire process. I can honestly say that working with you has been the most professional experience in dealing with a recruiter ever. You made this personal for both of us and added a little fun to the process which never seems to occur. I look forward to working with you in the future and will surely recommend any potential candidates that will benefit from your expertise. Jack Demetris

"To Whom It May Concern: I was very pleased with the service of Keith Bailey at Stafftopia. He followed up on the job opportunity on both sides and kept the process moving forward at a reasonable pace. I was initially contacted on October 14 and signed the employment contract on November 4th. My previous job took a month from initial contact until job offer. Keith responded to my calls and emails in a timely manner and didn't waste my time. Keith obtained a salary level that exceeded my expectations. I'm quite pleased with the service he provided.
James Gregurich

"Douglas - I'd just like to thank you once again for the fantastic job you did for me. I've used a number of placement services in the past and this is the first time I've felt like my best interests where at heart. Your professionalism was top notch. The speed at which things moved was most impressive. I found I had a great deal more confidence during the interview simply knowing that you and your outstanding team where working away in the background for me. I feel this new job is a perfect match for me based on my job experience. It would have taken me months to find something so fine tuned to my skill set. I hope to stay in touch and will be happy to refer any of my hi-tech friends your way in the future. James Mcleish

"Douglas, I know saying 'Thanks' is not enough word to express my feelings with you. When you gave me first call about this position, I thought it was like one from other recruiters. But the way you posted the feedbacks made me to think serious about the position. You matched me the offer within all my ranges in terms of experience, salary. It is too early to say but there is potentially growth for me to improve. I thought I could meet with you in person after I started work, but I didn't realize till you said that you are working from Idaho. I read the tag-line about Stafftopia on your fax covering letter that 'work locally - staff globally'. Yes, you did nationally I wish you do globally too.
Murali C. Tummala

"Dear Keith, I wanted to thank you for your help in getting me my job in the place that I wanted. Your regular phone calls with updates of the situation were of great help for me, and the final outcome was the icing on the cake. I am especially grateful that you managed the interview process for me keeping in mind my personal and professional constraints, and your availability even on a weekend was a delightfully unexpected support. I am extremely happy and needless to say I will recommend your services to all my friends without hesitation!

"Hello Nahal, You are one the nicest and wonderful people I had the pleasure of working with you. You are full of positive energy and invincible drive. It is really a good fortune have some one like you who understands my motivation and career goals and helps me obtain the right position to make me a winning player in the new company.
Mohan K. Bavirisetty

"Chad, I would like to express my deep appreciation of how you handled this case. You always were very open and sincere with me and I was always aware of the latest changes in the situation. The fact that you gave me up to five calls a day just to keep me posted is amazing! Never before I had such a nice experience with recruiters. Thank you so much!"

"I have never felt so strongly represented to a potential employer as I have with Stafftopia. Constant and considerate communication was key in helping form a new relationship with my new employer. I felt as though the recruiter had nothing but my interests, and providing a proper career fit in mind. I would gladly work with Stafftopia in the future."

"Douglas, I wanted to write to you to say thank you. During our initial conversation I mentioned how skeptical I was working with recruiters. I can't be happier in my new position you place me in. All your hard work and assistance really changed my opinion not only in you but your company. Everyone there was so helpful and professional. Your consistency in information and keeping your promises really turned my suspicion and doubt into admiration and trust. I just can't think of enough ways to say Thank You!! As I approach the end of my first 30 days, I find this company such a refreshing breath of air. The transition was so smooth that people think I've been with the company for years. Everything promised was delivered, and more. Wishing you and your company the best.
David G

"Bob Young, here. Its been quite a couple of weeks for me. I wanted to stop and thank you for ALL your support and assistance in helping me find a new job. My first day was behind closed doors for 8 hours of training! Kevin has some interesting dynamics in his group of inside folks, and my experience and maturity will definately lend itself as a major contribution as I settle in. Thanks also for going to bat for me in getting the base salary I needed. That was exceptional! If I can help YOU in any way in the future, please let me know. Sincere appreciation for your follow up and closing skills. Take care, Bob

"Its been a very good experience with Douglas. In a short time I got a perfect job match of what i was expecting for. Anbarasan Paul” 

"I worked with Larry on a placement at my current employer for over two months. His responsibilities included conducting research and interviews, fact checking, and scheduling of interviews, in addition to some clerical duties. During the course of our working together, Larry proved himself to be professional, a hard worker, and overall a very talented recruiter. I was quite impressed by Larry's attentiveness and perseverance. His research was always thorough and comprehensive, and his fact checking always accurate. Larry demonstrated exceptional insight on both sides of table in my placement. He very clearly and accurately portrayed the employer to me and according to my current supervisor, gave my employer a clear and accurate assessment of me. He was able to accomplish all of this without the benefit of meeting neither face-to-face. Overall, Larry is a very conscientious and able recruiter. I have personally recommended Larry to all of my friends.
David Schlain, Sales Executive

"Larry, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your effort in this job search project. Your tenacity and diligence allowed me to obtain an offer for a great position, literally, in LESS than a week. It's got to be some type of record... I know it was for me. Thanks again for the referral .
Michael Palmisciano, Sr Sales Representative

"Stafftopia helped me find my next engagement within a matter of days. Their staff was friendly, courteous and very efficient in finding the correct fit for my background and skills. They were attentive to my needs and wants and delivered in record timing. I have already recommended Stafftopia to my friends and relatives and I'm quite sure anyone seeking a new position would benefit from their services.
Lisa P. Gibbs

"Thanks Todd (and Stafftopia) for his outstanding work in placing me at Start to finish bubbling to the top of 15 candidates in three weeks was a ride but, I could not have done it without his assistance keeping me in front of the Executive team while two other companies were aggressively pursuing me. I appreciate his professional attitude and negotiation skills believing that I shall make the kind of money I am used to here at Sendmail. He is the man!!! Congrats on his payday as well!
Dennis Firenze

"I thank Chad & Douglas for the timely assisting on my job seeking. I would like to share the following observations with their work. Please excuse me much delayed response to them.
1. They both are good at identifying the market requirement and the candidate skill set. All jobs they referred are a good match to my background.
2. They both gave me good guide lines over the interview period, such as what the company really wants, interview pitfalls and etc.
3. Chad & Douglas are dependable. Actually, I trusted them so much that I went out for skiing twice over the job seeking period. I believed they could handle things well.
4. Though the style of them is a little different: Douglas is quicker, Chad is more cautiously. It is cheerful to work with them both. I enjoyed the conversation between us. I also learn something from them. Thanks.
5. They guys do human capital business, building up trusted relationship is crucial. One thing I suggest is to have a link on their email signature, so people know whom they are working with; their smile face deserves a thousand words. Richard

"Thank Larry for all his efforts working with me on this opportunity. I've worked with other recruiters and feel that Larry is head an shoulders above anyone else that I have worked with in the past. Larry has been completely professional, I felt he always had my best interest in mind and negotiated from that point of view. I want Larry to do one more thing more me. Please forward this to his boss so that he will hear first hand from an extremely satisfied client and Stafftopia will be number one on my list as a reference if anyone asks for help finding a job. Happy Holidays to Larry and his family. Tony

"Stafftopia was wonderful. Dylan contacted me about an opportunity at a great company, that fit my talents perfectly. Everything went smoothly and was well organized. It was barely three weeks from the time that I was first contacted to the day that I was given an offer! " 

"Now that I've settled into my new role at TeaLeaf, I wanted to say "thanks" for being so persistent to track me down for this position. I work with a great bunch of people who are very energetic and enthusiastic about the company, the potential we have, and how great the market is responding to adopt our technology. Even though I've spoken to a lot of recruiters who call, what impressed me about his style was that I didn't feel like you were just trying to throw me in front of your client so you could justify your efforts to him. And even though I wasn't looking to move to another company, you introduced me to one where I think there is a better fit. Thanks again.
Craig Chapman, Regional Sales Director

"I had an excellent experience with Douglas at Stafftopia. He was thorough, professional, and really helped through the entire process. He was always available, and understood what I was looking for with respect to the next stage of my career. I was also very pleased with the final result: a full-time job with a great salary and even stock in the company.

I strongly recommend that anyone looking for employment consider Stafftopia.
Eric Drumbor, Senior software developer

"Job searching is not an easy task. Brian has done an excellent job. Thanks for Brian's support throughout the whole process. Best wishes for Brian's future business.

"Today we live in a world that is so busy and crazy that there is no time for anything and people are consumed in their own world sometimes not willing to go the extra mile to help. That is the not the case for Larry Miller. I have had the honor to work with Larry and he helped me get a great sales executive spot. He was so professional and personable and a joy to work with. Recruiters do not get the respect they deserve and Larry is so deserving of it. He is a credit to his profession and I am glad to have met him and now I consider myself his friend. His dedication, tenacity and sheer desire to get things done and he was right there every step of the way. He was always there to talk to and always kept me up to date on progress. Larry Miller, you are the very best and I am so genuinely happy to have met you, be friend-ed you and to be placed by you.
Sales Executive

"Stafftopia did a great job for me. They found an organization that matched my personality and work ethic.
Gus Cervera

"Just wanted to thank Larry once again for all of Larry's efforts in helping me secure my exciting new role as an Account Manager at such a dynamic and exciting company in the security market. Larry's professionalism, proactiveness and responsiveness throughout the process was first rate. In fact, I've never had a better experience and quick turnaround with a recruiter! The entire process: from initial contact from you about the opportunity to offer in hand took less than 2 weeks. Thanks again for Larry's willingness to follow-up with me in the late evenings and weekends, just to make this happen. It has been a pleasure working with Larry and I look forward to working with Larry in the future. I'll be sure to send prospective candidates Larry's way and please feel free to use me as a reference.
Joe Brand

"Thought I'd take this opportunity to thank Todd for doing such an outstanding professional job in matching me with the right employer. My capabilities were exactly what they were looking for so we both really appreciated Todd's astute observations and conscientious, thorough follow up. Todd's hard work and skill in putting my employer and me together is paying off well for both of us.
Bob Cefala

"I am a Research Scientist at a University in the North East. I hold a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering. I would like to share my experience of job-hunting and how Douglas Hanks from Stafftopia helped me and found an excellent job for me. I began my job-search almost 10 months ago. I went on three on-site interviews; however, these positions were not a good match with my background and my interest. Then, one day, I received a phone call from Stafftopia. They found a perfect job for me. It seemed to me that the position presented by Stafftopia was exactly for me. The position and my background are perfectly matched for one another. I was very excited about this. Then, Douglas helped me to get a phone interview. What impressed me most was that he is very professional in helping me to prepare for the interview. He told me that if I do not know something, do not try to pretend to know it. It really helped me. The interview was very successful. The interviewer actually asked something, which I did not know. I said "I don't know" and they were fine with that. This is not what I thought before. The day after the phone interview, Douglas received feedback of my phone interview and he sent it to me. With the feedback, I was able to examine my performance during the first phone interview, especially my communication skills. Since sometimes you are actually good at a specific skill, but if you did not explain it well the interviewer may get another image. The phone interview is only about 30 minutes long; therefore, communication is very important. With the feedback, the second round phone interview was very successful. I managed to explain more on some points that I did not clarify in the first phone interview. Douglas also helped me prepare for the on-site interview and explained to me how confidence is important during an interview. He is extremely nice and patient with me. He always explained everything to me, very clear and easy to understand. Every 3 or 5 days, he called to say hello and asked if he could help. Even after the hiring process was over, he still called me to help me on my relocation. Douglas also helped me to realize my true value on the job market. I received a great salary, much higher than I expected. During this process, I really built a personal relationship with him. He is just like a family member and I would strongly recommend him to every one I know. Stafftopia is really excellent and helpful.
Thank you,
Douglas and Stafftopia. Xiandong Lin

"Thanks Jeff. You are fantastic to work with. Very refreshing and rare to work with a recruiter like you who is so professional, thorough and prompt.
Matthew Barkoff

"I just wanted to tell you thanks for all your help in finding me employment. Things are going great with the Medical Center. The one thing that sets this place apart from other facilities is the overall staff ( very friendly & all work as a team ). Once again, THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!!
Michael D. Wise

"Nancy, Now this is the kind of service that I wish all recruiters would deliver!!! We talk one day, the next day I get a phone screen and the next hour I am arranging to fly out to the job for an interview that could wind up with an offer. Man this is great service, Thanks!!!!!!
Stephen Blackmon

"Ms. Nemeth, This is a commendation for Kevin Bowen. Kevin's superb work in this tough economy garnered me multiple interviews, finding a superb match between my skills and a Stafftopia client. The other executive search organizations contacting me haven't achieved that success--kudos. Kevin continues to be there with incredible advice and information. He's helped the hiring client pursue valuable talent. Personally, he brought to my attention pleasantries such as thank-you emails, which are significant in this changed economy. My thank-you email may be one added reason I've achieved this pinnacle with the hiring client. What a treat it was to work with Kevin. Please commend Kevin for his diligence, hard work, determination, and work ethic. He's an absolute pleasure to work with. Best regards, Kurt Requa, Project Manager, Motorola

"Joyce, Thanks for everything. You are by far the most professional and most pleasant recruiter whom I have been working with so far. Looking forward to talk to you in the future. After all, we live in such a small, and getting smaller, world. Michael Sun

"Hi Lisa, I very much appreciate the time you spent with me Lisa. I also want to commend Chas for his professionalism, his impeccable follow-through, and his amazing ability to sell me to this company. I truly believe that had it not been for Chas, I would not have even made it to the first interview. Thank you again Lisa for sharing your vision with me, and I will enthusiastically promote your organization in this market and gladly send people your way. Best regards, Jason Stanifer

"Dear Kathy, It has been great dealing with you over the past few months because you are a driver and on top of things. Few recruiters I have dealt with are as thorough as you. Being in sales myself, I can appreciate the high level of respect you have for your candidates.

Given my situation - a Canadian who is looking for a position with extensive travel to, or relocation to the US, in an IT recession - I have been impressed with the level of activity you have been able to generate on my behalf. You not only never gave up on me, but also were able to get results where other agencies had failed.
Finally, you have great PR and dealing with you is always a boost. Keep up your contagious positive attitude. As I expect to be starting a new position soon, I may not be in touch as often, but your name will be in my address book permanently.
Stephan Bisson, Director of Sales, US Market, ME

"Joyce has made a significant difference in my career growth by placing me in an exciting software startup. Our mutually beneficial relationship continued as Joyce provided us with top quality talent to meet our demanding staffing needs. Phil On, Marketing Director" 

"Jeff, I wanted you and your management to know that many people have been calling me this week to congratulate me on finding a job in less than 90 days in a down market. They wanted to know my secret and of course, help reduce their down time as well. I told them I was extremely fortunate to stumble on a "straight up" company with outstanding people. My recruiter - Jeff Rust - is the best. I have gotten 3 calls today - and I have told all of them to start with Stafftopia. I had an opportunity to interface with a couple of well known recruiting firms - and you and your company is by far the most diligent, honest, ethical and productive.
Kathleen Follis, Senior Product Manager

"Dear Toney: I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your support of RSA Security recruiting needs. You have been incredibly responsive. Your understanding our requirements is excellent and you have done a terrific job matching your candidates. The candidates are well screened and have a strong understanding of the position requirements. I have very much appreciated you diligent follow through and your effective and pleasant communication style. In my previous position as Director of Managed Services for TAC Worldwide Companies I work with 300 plus staffing firms who supported our programs. Stafftopia's rank right at the top of any supplier partnership I have had in my 9 plus years in the industry. I look forward to continue my working relationship with the Stafftopia team. The have always "jumped in" and were able to help me anytime I have called. I will miss working with you and wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors. Thank you again for all of your efforts. It has been a true pleasure working with you.
Warmest Regards, Laurie Hearne

"Dear Wallee, I would like to mention that I believe YOU were a key element in that extremely professional interviewing process. With an uncanny ability, you carefully orchestrated every step in the discussions, and drove it to its successful and lighting fast conclusion. Please accept this email as my sincere thank you for your efforts, and let you know that I will be very happy to refer candidates to you for any openings you may have in the future.
Gerardo Rogoff

"Cyelas- It has been indeed a pleasure dealing with you and Stafftopia. I have been inundated with Executive recruiters, as of late, but none continues to 'close the opportunity' like you have. I appreciate your thoroughness, professionalism, enthusiasm and most of all your follow-up! Very few HR/Executive Recruiters keep the focus that you have exhibited in this long, and sometimes frustrating environment. Not one Exec Recruiter has provided the insight, or flow of information. Even if you do not have positive news, it is most appreciated that you have kept me informed. That is what breaks you out from the rest! Keep up the good work. I look forward to working extensively with you in the future.
Darius Karalis

"Dear Will, I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to speak to you! It is sooooo refreshing to exchange a conversation with an individual who is not only personable and pleasant, but also has an eloquent vocabulary and tone. I have a friend of mine who was recently laid off as a result of corporate "down-sizing" in his field of expertise. I'm not sure if your company represents management at an operations level for logistics or warehousing, but he has a very credible background, extensive and solid experience, and would make an awesome addition to any company he may work for. If there is something that you can do in regards to locating a position for him, please let me know. I have passed on the information that we spoke of to Bill, and he will be in contact with you in the near future for an upcoming position we may need to fill. Thanks again for your help and your wonderful demeanor......
Felicia Welke

"David, just because we were successful at Resilience is no reason not to keep in contact. I hope to see you during your trip to California. I owe you lunch. Thanks again for everything. You are both relentless and tenacious. A winning combination. I wish you luck in further endeavors, however I get the feeling you don't need luck, you will succeed in every endeavor without luck.
Jeanine Hoyt

"I think everyone in your company (Stafftopia) is great. You all have the best personalities and positive energy of any of the headhunters I work with. THE BEST...keep up the good work.
Joan M. Teixeira

"I wanted to take a minute to thank you, Bill, for working with me in regard to recruiting at Healthvision. I appreciate your energy and time over the past couple of months. It has been valuable to Healthvision to receive quality candidates and certainly qualified resumes from you. Your effort to help us staff our teams has been a tremendous resource. Keep up the efforts. Again, thanks for the professional attitude and responsiveness to my calls.
Barbara J. Bloodgood, Healthvision

"Employment searches can be a very stressful and laborious process. The key to a successful placement is the proper utilization of job placement experts. During my recent job search, I worked with many placement agents that I felt did not always remember that my best interests were the main focus of their jobs. Fortunately, my search crossed paths with Kevin Bowen working for Stafftopia. Kevin presented a multitude of opportunities to me and arranged the proper conversations with representatives from those companies such that I could determine my comparative interest in their positions. I never felt pressured to proceed with any company that did not match my employment desires. Kevin helped me to narrow my search to a small number of highly qualified companies. When I interviewed with the companies, Kevin kept in close contact with me and my potential employers to verify that our impressions of each other coincided. By doing this, he avoided the situation where the hiring process continued beyond the point where mutual interest ceased. When the best match arose, he promptly negotiated my salary and benefits requirements with the target company and obtained for me a highly desirable job offer. At this point, most placement agents would have terminated their relationship with me, but Kevin maintained our communication and assisted me with the transition to my new job. I am highly satisfied with my relationship with Kevin Bowen and Stafftopia and encourage those in need of a new job to work with them during their searches.
Ted Strout

  • 85% of our business is either repeat business or business that is referred to us.
  • 97% of our candidates accept offers presented through us.
  • 100% of the time, we save our clients and canidates time during the search process
  • We don't just recruit in the tech industry, we are passionate about our clients, their technologies and what's next!
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